NBEI-EDT North Market Research

NBEI-EDT North Market Research provided the programme with real-time data and market intelligence which was used to test the viability of certain social enterprise ideas within the area based context of the project—North Belfast. This market research, especially around housing need and local housing market data helped to scale the conceptual development of Level 3 projects such as Upright Housing. This stream also provided a detailed breakdown of certain sectors (tech-startups, accelerator programmes and textiles) with respect to the current state of Northern Ireland’s economy.

Some social enterprise concepts and ideas were not realised withinin the life course of the North Belfast Ethical Investment Programme. However, this market research activity has offered the sector a comprehensive body of feasibility work that could be developed by local entrepreneurs or taken forward by future social enterprise focussed investment or support vehicles. This demonstrates a legacy which could be potentially used to also help inform policy and social enterprise practice moving forward. Some of the NBEI-EDT North market research documents can be viewed and downloaded below:

Downloadable Resources

Textile sectoral profile

Accelerator Models and Programmes

Disability and Housing need

Housing need in Belfast

Level 3 Directory

Northside Study