NBEI-EDT North Monitoring & Impact

NBEI-EDT North monitoring procedures provided real time monitoring and measurement of programme delivery between its inception in November 2015 to its closure in April 2018. Data was collected from each independent social enterprise project that recived investment and technical support from the programme on a quarterly basis against a set of pre-agreed OBA measures (e.g. job creation, commercial sales generated, business mentoring hours received, trianing opportuntiies created, qualifications attained and investment levered. The outcomes from this process were co-processed, analysed and validated throughout the programme with NISRA, the statistical branch of Northern Ireland’s Executive Office.

This section of the NBEI portal offers a summary of the OBA scorecard data. It also provides an ‘Impact Review Series’ which demonstrates the scope of each social enterprise project that benefited from the programme, how NBEI-EDT North support helped and what outcomes have been achieved by each indivudal project to date.

This section of the portal also includes a short film documenting programme outcomes and learning  (see below) as well as a copy of the independent evaluation which was completed during the evaluation phase of the programme from April to June 2018.

Downloadable Resources

NBEI-EDT North External Evaluation Report

NBEI-EDT North External Evaluation Report

NBEI-EDT North Supported Projects Impact Studies

ABC Trust


Ardoyne Youth Enterprises


Carlisle Memorial




Clifton House








McCracken Society


Mens Shed


Mount Lennox


NI Hospice


North City




Sante Health




Task Team






Upright Property


Wolfhill Greenworks


NBEI-EDT North OBA Scorecard Summary

NBEI-EDT North OBA summary