NBEI-EDT North Research Studentships

NBEI-EDT Research Studentships provided 5 MSc students based at Queen’s University Belfast who were enrolled on the MSc in Planning and Development and Spatial Regeneration with an opportunity to complete their Master thesis fieldwork with social enterprise projects that received investment and technical support from the North Belfast Ethical Investment Programme.  Some of the studentships were delivered in partnership with Santander and covered research areas that included; the potential of heritage based social enterprises, the financial impact of social enterprises across North Belfast and the community benefits of an asset based social enterprise model.

The implications and learning from these student projects was also fed into research produced in the other three research activity areas and will be disseminated via academic journal articles, book chapters and conference papers after the programme delivery has been completed. Some preliminary outcomes were already presented at the Planning Research Conference in 2017. A more detailed summary of 3 MSc studentship projects is can be accessed and downloaded in the link below:

Downloadable Resources

MSc Studentships