NBEI-EDT North Working Paper Series

The NBEI-EDT North Working Paper Series draws on impact, learning and practical experiences from programme delivery to share potential lessons for policy makers, intermediaries and other social enterprises working across the sector. The research areas covered by the working papers include; peace-building effects, the economic impact of social enterprises (the multiplier effect of Ashton Community Trust and LEDCOM) and a broader study of both local and international best social enterprise practice.

The working paper series also reflects and shares some of the learning from 2 study trips that were completed during the North Belfast Ethical Investment programme. This included a visit to Social Enterprise UK’s representative in Bristol and the annual Social Exchange Marketplace held in Edinburgh. Each of these trips were attended by either members of the programme delivery team, representatives from statutory government agencies that had a stake in the management of the proramme (The Executive Office and the Department of the Economy) as well as individual project representatives that received direct investment and technical assistance from the programme.

Downloadable Resources

International Case Studies


Study Trip Learning Bristol


Study Trip Learning - Edinburgh


Economic Impact - Ashton

Economic Impact - LEDCOM

Peacebuilding Effects


Learning and Policy Implications